Pediatric Dentistry for Layton and Herriman, UT

Our office is specially designed to provide all of your child’s dentistry needs! With our highly trained dentist and staff we cover preventative care to IV sedation, and everything in between. We work hard to create a welcoming and comfortable environment that makes coming to the dentist an enjoyable experience for everyone.

Your Child’s First Visit

At what age should my child first visit the dentist?

The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry and the American Academy of Pediatrics recommend that a child’s first dental visit be scheduled by his/her first birthday. It is very important to make the first visit as positive and enjoyable for the child as possible. We want your child to enjoy getting to know our dentist and staff and be comfortable at all times. A pleasant, comfortable first visit builds trust and helps put the child at ease during future dental visits.

What should I expect?

Starting your child’s dental care early helps to detect any risks and assess any early treatment that may be needed. We will record the child’s dental and medical history, obtain appropriate dental radiographs, examine your child’s mouth and discuss any findings with you. We will also review the importance of maintaining a good dental health program with you and your child to ensure a healthy and beautiful smile for life!

How should we prepare for our first visit?

Parents should not make a big deal out of the visit and refrain from using any words that could cause unnecessary fear, such as “needle” or “drill.” We are experienced in dealing with children with anxiety and can explain treatment procedures in a positive and pleasant manner to avoid any anxious or negative feelings toward dentistry. You can read stories or watch videos about visiting the dentist with your child to give them positive expectations.

IV Sedation

IV Sedation Information and Instructions

Intravenous (IV) deep sedation is used to sedate your child to the point where dental procedures can be done safely and painlessly for an indefinite period of time. Our IV sedation is administered by Marissa Hewitt, Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNAs) of Aspen Anesthesia who specializes in caring for patients needing sedation in the dental office setting.

If your child is being sedated in our office with IV sedation there are some very important pre-operative and post-operative instructions both from our office and our nurse anesthetist. All of these instructions will be reviewed at our office prior to your child’s sedation, but a form has been included for your reference.
We proudly serve Herriman, Riverton, Lehi, Layton, and many other communities in Utah. We have two locations: Herriman and Layton. Call us today to set up your child’s appointment with our pediatric dental services. Our numbers are 801-302-1045 for Herriman and 801-544-1940 for Layton.